Fantastic line up of international speakers from Ireland, Europe, UAE and the U.S.A

Event hosted by Christine Clinton

Christine Clinton – Chair of the Wellness for Children Initiative and Co-Founder
Junior Genius Global

Christine brings over 30 years of experience and expertise in the wellness industry.
As a parent herself she recognises the need for support in children’s mental health
and recognises the importance of prioritising wellness in the formative years.
Christine is certified in the First 1000 Days, Pre-Conception and Pregnancy Wellness
and the First Two Years of Life with Dr Sergio Pecorelli. She was the 2021 recipient of
the Global Wellness Summit award for Leader in Furthering Mental Wellness, which
3is a testament to her passion and hard work when working with young children.

Christine will discuss the work being conducted by Junior Genius Global in supporting children’s mental health and sharing advice and expertise in how parents, educators and governing bodies can help shift the focus and make a positive impact on our young children’s lives.

Event Schedule and keynote speakers coming soon.


We are excited to announce leading experts in the field of Children’s Mental Health speaking at this prestigious event.

Dr. Sergio Pecorelli

Creator and Co Founder of first 1000 days., Professor Yale school of Medicine, recipient of Gold Medal for Public Health Services by the President of The Italian Republic  and Marie Krogh medal by the Kingdom of Denmark for merits in Public Health.

Dr. Mary O’Kane

Is a Lecturer in Psychology and Early Childhood Education teaching with the Open University. Popular for sharing her expertise in a warm and relatable way, Mary is a regular contributor to Ireland AM on both parenting and early childhood education issues.

Freddie Moross

Managing Director of Myndstream who creates and designs music for health and wellbeing. 2022 Recipient of the Debra Simon Award for Leader in Furthering Mental Wellness.

Julie Mallon

Founder of Nurture2Sleep, UAE is a UK qualified nurse, midwife, and health visitor currently registered with the International Maternity and Parenting Institute.